The first week is behind us. As expected, the opening route was flat and fast, so nearly all groups finished in some sort of a bunch sprint. Fast leged riders did get their fun.

More important, a whooping pack of 413 riders entered our event, 175 on Saturday and 238 Sunday and around half of these came from Slovenia! This is a very nice number and a very positive surprise. Not everyone finished event of course, and among those who did finish, many didn’t have Zwiftpower accounts or forgot to OPT-IN Zwiftpower on their profile, so we were unable to extract their results, at least right after the stage. While we are constantly receiving questions and resolving case by case, first preliminary results are available separated for International competition and for Slovenian community only. Since many riders are new to Zwift and they are still learning, some results might be changing a little during the next days. Mostly on the tail side of the ladder. For all newcomers having technical how-to questions or for anyone spotting a mistake in the results, please contact us over Strava club or Facebook page.

Next week we are heading to Richmond to a course many remember from a 2015 season when Peter Sagan stormed to his first World Champion title. It’s not a very hilly course, still super fast, but it is much punchier than this week’s Sand and Sequoias route. The route will be previewed into more detail’s later during the week.